Acupuncture as a nonconventional treatment for chronic neck pain essay

Alternative Medicine for the Elderly. Reiki was developed by Japanese Tendai Buddhist Mikao Usui who claimed that he gained knowledge of this therapy through a mystical revelation. Efficacy, Safety and Practice. Problem Statement By the medical principles of accurate anatomy and precise physiology, trigger points are said to be associated with sympathetic hyperactivity and local chemical blockade of essential pain stimulating hormones Bonica, Loeser and Butler et al.

This [pressure therapy] does appear to be an extremely effective therapy for neck pain. Some techniques in this category are now considered a part of conventional therapy, such as patient support groups.

Conclusion Medical applications of acupuncture primarily revolve in the concept of pain management. These spiritual concepts are compatible with a pantheistic worldview rather than biblical truth.

Medical Acupuncture in Pregnancy: Conventional medicine has also developed powerful weapons against infectious diseases, such as antibiotics and vaccines.

In addition, some components of an herb may be toxic. However, if a special diet were used to combat high cholesterol levels in a patient with heart disease, in addition to coronary artery bypass surgery, the diet would serve as a complementary therapy.

Chinese translation of the same search terms will be used in the Chinese databases.

Is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) cost-effective? a systematic review

Considering the decreased coagulating agents of the blood e. Hahnemann then founded homeopathy, an alternative medicine system of therapy based on the theory that like cures like. Cervical dystonia is a condition which affects the behaviour of the neck muscles.

Thus, herbal medicine can be effective in treating various conditions. However, we did find examples of a cost-identification study, cost-minimization analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and cost-utility analysis. Microneurographic analysis of the effects of acupuncture stimulation on sympathetic muscle nerve activity in humans: For this reason, it is important to fully inform your doctor of any herbs or supplements that you are taking or any dietary changes you have made.

Studies have found that it can help with many different pain conditions, like osteoarthritis and cancer pain. Complementary medicine, on the other hand, is used together with conventional medicine.

Oaklander says that high doses of vitamin B6 can damage the nerves. But this condition is often treated with, among other things, anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen or with steroid injections. Examples of the different forms of economic evaluations of CAM Our systematic review of the CAM economic evaluation literature presented below revealed no cost-consequence studies and no cost-benefit analyses.

Needle insertion produces stimuli that excite receptors and nerve fibers in the area giving rise to different bodily sensations, such as numbness, heaviness and radiating paraesthesia Hopwood, Lovesey and Mokonep.

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Could you be arrested for smoking marijuana for medical reasons. These therapies use substances found in nature, such as herbal products, vitamin and mineral supplements, and antioxidants derived from fruits and vegetables. Berman, Singh and Langenberg et al. Because of the dangers and the obvious potential for abuse, experts generally only turn to marijuana when all other treatments have failed.

Research shows that relaxation therapy can help with fibromyalgiaheadacheosteoarthritis, and other conditions. The third category of CAM therapies is biologically based therapies.

There is evidence that certain dietary supplements and vitamins can help with certain types of pain. The treatment of acupuncture for this condition could be very beneficial.

Effects of Acupuncture Paper

There are number of approaches, including: Savage says you also need to be suspicious of anyone pushing a treatment when the financial motive is blatant. There are many advantages to acupuncture. Jun 02,  · What is an economic evaluation? An economic evaluation is a comparison of outcomes among alternative ways of achieving common objectives.

These analyses are conducted according to explicit, systematic, and consistent criteria, and take into account both the positive and negative consequences of each alternative.

Acupuncture as a Nonconventional Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain Words Jan 30th, 3 Pages Although different from the common medical conditions of neck pains that last for only days, chronic neck pain is typically an ailment that takes even years without success in its treatment in the mainstream medical practices.

Acupuncture as a nonconventional chronic neck pain treatment. Introduction. Abstract Chronic neck pain is an ailment that is characterized by pain in the neck that lasts for a period of more than three months.

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

The Chinese acupuncture has always been confronted by speculations and doubts in its therapeutic value. However, with the advent of modern medical studies, various studies have supported the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture most especially in managing chronic and acute pain conditions associated to specific disorders and diseases.

Dystonia (Cervical)

An associated symptom of cervical dystonia is neck pain. Note: Some people with cervical dystonia develop depressive illness as a result of struggling to cope/come to terms with their condition, and also after surgery (if their condition is particularly severe and all other treatments proves unsuccessful, brain surgery may be recommended as a.

Acupuncture as a Nonconventional Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain Words | 3 Pages. Chronic Neck Pain Chronic neck pain is an ailment that is characterized by pain in the neck that lasts for an unusually long period of time, commonly over a.

Acupuncture May Be Best to Ease Neck Pain Acupuncture as a nonconventional treatment for chronic neck pain essay
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