Can you write a wikipedia article about yourself

If you are seen at the side of the road being issued a speeding ticket, and that gets reported, it may end up in an article about you.

10+ Writing Tips and Tricks on How to Write an Essay about Yourself

Postmodernism, Identity, and Performative Mimicry, noted that the song "further established Minogue's cultural and commercial relevance in the new millennium. Edit using personal accounts. Your account may also be blocked. Article wizardread the brief introduction, and then click the big blue button to get started creating your draft.

Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas

How to create a pageand start over. You would probably not expect that a reader looking for information about a specific person would read up on a different person in an unrelated field simply because that different person shares the specific person's name e.

Since all information added to Wikipedia must be verifiablethis may make it difficult or impossible to defend yourself against sourced negative information added to an article about you. Advocacy and controversial material Please do not write articles that advocate one particular viewpoint on politics, religion, or anything else.

For example, Tiger Woods is one of the most accomplished golfersyet his possible fall from grace is mentioned in his article. Copyright As a general rule, do not copy-paste text from other websites. Get referenced in other wiki pages.

The song is known for its "la la la" hook. For example, the Peanut Corporation of America wound up with a Wikipedia article as a result of a food safety scandal. We don't have autobiographies here, so if you started the article and thought you could promote yourself with a hagiographic article, you will quickly discover that you can't eat your cake and have it too.

More than one user has created an article only to find themself presented in a poor light long-term by other editors.

Please research with the best sources available and cite them properly. So even if you have an article here that contains negative information, comfort yourself with the thought that things could be much worse, just like they probably are outside of Wikipedia.

However, Wikipedia recognizes the large volume of good faith contributions by people who have some affiliation to the articles they work on. This is a serious encyclopedia, not a free webhosting service where personal articles can be written and displayed on the world's biggest "billboard".

It bears a hatnote that reads For other persons named Michael Jackson, see Michael Jackson disambiguation. Any editor may add material to or remove material from the article within the terms of our content policies. Even though you will have a significant conflict of interest that limits your right to edit your biography, you will still have a right to use its talk page to make suggestions and to request the correction of inaccurate information.

Negative thoughts about these entities will probably be well-known to some of the public, and opinions one way or the other will be well-formulated in many people long before such an article is written, but once that article is written, many more people will know.

Policies and guidelines that serve this purpose are: How to create a pageand start over. The article about James Joyce the novelist contains a hatnote that reads This article is about the 20th-century writer with a link that leads to articles on other people called James Joyce, for example a baseball umpire and a 19th century politician.

It was performed during her seven-song set at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremonyas the final song of her performance. If you are not sure if the subject you want to write about is "notable", you can ask questions at the Wikipedia Teahouse.

Please be mindful of conflict of interest. If you have one, you will probably have a hard time writing a good enough Wikipedia article (this is not about you, it is just human nature). To cut to the chase - if you wanted to be left off of Wikipedia, you'd need to make sure you never become notable enough for an article.

Or at least, by Wikipedia's standards. There are certainly avenues to write in to community members about an article on yourself, but really, if you're notable enough for an article, it should probably exist.

If you write in Wikipedia about yourself, your group, your company, or your pet idea, once the article is created, you have no right to control its content, and no right to delete it outside our normal channels.

Content is not deleted just because somebody doesn't like it. Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas This page is an essay. It contains the advice or opinions of one or more Wikipedia contributors. Doing the equivalent on Wikipedia--creating an article about yourself--is strongly discouraged.

A second article on an existing topic; you can just edit the existing article. Edit Article How to Write a Wikipedia Article. Wikipedia is a web-based encyclopedia that anyone can edit, similar to most wikis. With over five million articles in the English language alone, Wikipedia is the fifth visited website according to the Alexa rank.

"Can't Get You Out of My Head" is a song recorded by Australian singer Kylie Minogue for her eighth studio album, titled Fever, which she released in The song was released in Australia by Parlophone as the lead single from the album on 8 September It was released on 17 September in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the single was released on 18 February

Can you write a wikipedia article about yourself
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