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Large area in India are subjected to mining. Wild life conservation is the way of preserving of animals or the plants which are endangered.

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In India, these minor products are used to manufacture valuable articles for export. It is thus essential to conserve these resources in order to keep the environment intact.

Selective logging is the removal of trees within a stand based on size limitations. Forests form the backbone for many wood and pulp industries which consume power and if forests are lost the power cannot be commissioned. Deciduous forests[ change change source ] Deciduous forests mostly grow in the temperate zone of North AmericaEurope and Asia.

Controlled burn is a technique that is used to manage forests.

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Save electricity by replacing old light bulbs with energy saving fluorescent bulbs. Life would not be possible without air, water, sunlight as well as other natural resources present on the planet. The conservation of other species like crocodiles, and garials and reptiles and fish which are threatened of extinction need to be stepped up.

Timber is also used to make packing boxes, sports goods, wooden toys, railway sleepers etc. To do this, dedicated experienced people are needed to handle these cases and to make the cultivators accept the concept of a settled way of life.

The extensive plantations raised by Government have been earmarked to industries and the common man continues to feel the pinch of shortage of fuel wood. Besides these, people can do their bit by limiting the usage of paper, employing rain water harvesting system, restricting usage of cars and lastly by spreading awareness about the conservation of nature.

Soil compaction also can create flooding. However, in doing so, forests are last being depleted. The cellulose obtained from soft woods is used to manufacture synthetic fibre or rayon. These include water, air, sunlight, land, forests, minerals, plants as well as animals. On the basis of their stage of development, natural resources are categorized in the following way: Together, all these natural resources make life worth living on Earth.

Essay on Conservation of Forests

The women of a village in Tehri clung to the trees and protected them from being cut down. This indicates the alarming rate at which the tree growth is depleted on the countryside. Peat swamp forest Tropical rainforests grow in South Americathe CongoIndonesia and some nearby countries, Hawaiiand eastern Australia.

Essay on Conservation of Plant and Animals in Thrid World Countries The expansion of this market system causes other countries are being drawn to this system.

This system can bring economic advantages to the world and have a greater exploitation towards environment resources and causing lesser conservation of nature.

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Essay on Forests in Hindi अर्थात इस article में आप पढेंगे, जंगलों के लाभ पर निबंध हिन्दी भाषा में. Essay on Wildlife Conservation!

Essay on Forests: Importance, Major Products and Its Conservation

Like forests, wildlife is also a national resource, which not only helps in maintaining the ecological balance but is also beneficial from economic, recreational and aesthetic points of. Forest conservation is the practice of planning and maintaining forested areas for the benefit and sustainability of future conservation involves the upkeep of the natural resources within a forest that are beneficial to both humans and the ecosystem.

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Forest conservation acts to maintain, plan, and improve forested areas. Forest protection is the preservation or improvement of a forest threatened or affected by natural or man made causes This forest protection also has a legal status and rather than protection from only people damaging the forests is seen to be broader and include forest pathology too.

Forests play an important role in improving the quality of the environment. They help to keep the environment healthy, clean, and beautiful. Trees release oxygen in the air and take in carbon dioxide, which if let to accumulate, could turn fatal to the human existence.

Without forests, rain .

Conservation of forest essay for kids
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