Social legal and ethical ramifications of improper information disclosure for aids patients

They may also be able to get a declaration from the court stating that the information is confidential see Remedies. Take, for example, the parent who does not disclose to a school that their child is HIV-positive.

If a host country does not meet these standards, review should be conducted by both the host country and the appropriate U.


The general principle is, however, that it is in the public interest to maintain confidentiality. Research Design It is unethical to expose subjects to the risks of participating in a research study unless the design is sufficiently rigorous that the results will be valid and generalizable 3.

Because of the sensitivity of HIV-related information, many states in the U. They may also be able to get a declaration from the court stating that the information is confidential see Remedies.

It often is understood to require that the risks of research be minimized and that the risks be acceptable in light of the potential benefits of research. The ethic of caring judges acts based on their effect on relationships.

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In practice, this could affect decisions to disclose, and also the manner of disclosure: In Octoberthe U. In such cases, the public interest in confidentiality must be balanced against the public interest in disclosure. Social Justice Ethical Principle: Researchers, research sponsors, and international organizations are trying to negotiate with drug manufacturers and host country governments to make therapies available at affordable prices.

JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. Confidentiality and Disclosure Disclosing one's HIV status is still widely perceived as socially dangerous.


In an employment context, disclosure poses more difficulty. Best practice evolves from an honest self-assessment of clinical strengths and challenges and a commitment to ongoing professional development. Furthermore, they often conflict.

Conflicts of Interest Some conflicting interests are inherent in research. Accordingly, determining HIV status may be of limited benefit.

However, the appropriateness of providing antiretroviral therapies in developing countries, particularly Africa, has been the subject of debate. The benefits to the public health of this reporting are felt to outweigh the risk to individuals. As part of an insurance application, a false answer to a question relating to HIV is likely to invalidate the contract of insurance.

A consulting attorney should specialize in social work law. Others have argued that the lack of health care infrastructure makes provision of these drugs inappropriate at this time. Department of Justice has clarified.

Relying on this language, some have argued that placebo-controlled trials in developing countries are unethical when a proven effective treatment exists, even if the treatment is not available in the country because of cost or other reasons.

Breaches of confidentiality by non-medical professionals might amount to a disciplinary offence under the code of any relevant professional body, or to something which could result in disciplinary action by their employer.

A Guide for Clinicians.

Social, Legal, And Ethical Ramifications Of HIV Status Disclosure

A nurse and an orderly at a state hospital discussed the HIV/AIDS status of a patient and the patient's spouse within earshot of other patients without making reasonable efforts to prevent the disclosure. Featured Articles. Share this Post: employment-related services, the military, or private practice, social workers may need specific clinical, ethical, and legal HIV/AIDS-related knowledge for best practice.

of the Aids Confidentiality Act defines disclosure guidelines. Social workers facing a dilemma in which they are considering. Confidentiality and Disclosure. Similarly, another great risk people living with HIV face is the inadvertent or improper disclosure of their status which can result in denial of employment, violence, and many other collateral consequences.

and possible legal actions when unauthorized disclosure of HIV-related information occurs. This. With this in mind what would the social, legal, and ethical ramification of improper information disclosure of sensitive topics like this be for a medical practice or facility?

I am also having a hard time understand ICDCM codes. Ethical Ramifications Of Hiv Aids Improper Disclosure Of Information. Implications of HIV and AIDS from the perspective of HIPAA confidentiality AXIA College of University of Phoenix The most serious diseases in history are HIV and AIDS.

Approximately 20 years ago doctors found the first case of AIDS in the United States. Final hipaa violations billing process part 2 4 the or so that it doesn’t appear to be the facilities fault in an attempt to avoid a law suit would be an example of social and ethical ramifications.

legal, and ethical ramifications of improper information disclosure%(1).

Social legal and ethical ramifications of improper information disclosure for aids patients
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